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Trying New Eye Makeup Ideas – Where To Start

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Have You been wearing your eye makeup the same way for a decade?

Does your look no longer enhance your features the way that it used to?

Harsh questions I know…..but they need to be asked every now & again.

The following tips can help you with trying new eye makeup ideas in order to help make your eyes the defining feature on your face again! Obviously, if they still are, you can move on & skip this article!!

1. Your Eyebrows

While most people have joined the eyebrow revolution – tweezing, plucking, waxing and threading – some people are still not aware of how significantly a clean shaped eyebrow can affect the visual impact of the eyes.

However, over plucking can be problematic as this leaves you looking older. If you have thin eyebrows, only pluck away the stray hairs or those that detract from the shape. Try to refrain from waxing the area unless you are a professional as this could have dire results.

Threading is the best solution as the technique is performed by a professional. The method shapes, thins and removes excess hair on the brow leaving a cleaner eye area for makeup to be applied.

It is recommended to shape your brows before trying new eye makeup ideas to get the best results.


2. Your Eye Shadow

There are two important factors in eye shadow – color and shape. Certain colors suit different skin tones and specific eye shapes are more conducive to certain contours.

However there are some elements that remain the same. For example, if you want that dusky look, use darker colors in a shade that suits you.

The newest eye shadow trends see metallic shades making a comeback (especially bronze), applied in one even tone across the upper eyelid leaving the area beneath the brow clean and fresh.

The smoky eye is still all the rage shading black or darker shadows around and beneath the eye. Cooler shades of brown seems to be the trending color shaped in wedges to lift and enhance the eye.

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3. Your Eyeliner

Applying eyeliner is the best way to finish your look. Eye shadow alone can leave the face looking a bit clownish if it isn’t completed correctly, especially if you are using bright colors. The correct application method is to use short strokes to create the desired line and not one long stroke.

Brown liners can be used for a softer look while black is used to for greater definition, this is useful advice when trying new eye makeup ideas. Fine contours using liquid liner are back in with the thick black wedge on the top lid seeing the end of it’s popularity. Using pencil liners on the inside of the eye lid enhance the smoky look.


4. Your Lashes

Most people apply their mascara incorrectly, only paying attention to the tips or layering it until it becomes clumpy and unattractive. Or they use false lashes that aren’t applied properly or become the focus of the eye, detracting from an overall look.

Here are three options to improve the way your lashes look:

– Your Mascara – First purchase a new mascara and throw out all those old tubes. Figure out if the aim is a thicker, fuller look or if you want to lengthen your lashes. Each type of mascara and brush are designed to give you different looks. Open your eyes wide and begin applying the product from the base of the lashes in an upward, brushing motion. Continue until all the lashes are covered and then apply a little extra to the tips.

You can always use something like Idol Lash to help thicken your lashes & make them look fuller –  Idol Lash – see my full review here.


– False Lashes – Don’t choose lashes that are too long, thick or curled as these will not look natural. Use a tweezers to hold the lash in place and gently dab the sticky or glued surface directly onto your lash line with a q-tip or ear bud. Get as close as possible to the lash line.


– New Eyelash Extensions – If you are looking for a longer lasting solution to short or thin lashes, then extensions are the new and popular choice. Individual lashes are glued to your existing lashes increasing the length and the thickness and should last 4-6 weeks after professional application. No more blotchy mascara mishaps, not more sticky glue problems and lashes that look and feel great.


A TOP TIP someone gave me years ago, but I have always remembered & used –  It is always important to remember that balance is key in make-up!! So on this occasion if you are trying new eye makeup ideas to enhance your eyes, leave the cheeks and lips soft and natural.

I hope the above has given your ‘food for though’, sometimes it is the most obvious things that get forgotten & need pointing out.

Thanks for reading! – Kathy.