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Idol Lash – The A to Z of Questions and Answers

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*** Update *** If you land on this page & are looking to buy Idol Lash UK, USA or wherever PLEASE make sure you check my main review –

I give you the secret to getting Free Shipping PLUS  ‘Buy One Get One Free Offer.


Hi there….

Today I am going to try something which I recently saw on another website and thought was a unique idea….lol, to be honest, some people may find it annoying but for the laugh of it, I thought I would try it with Idol Lash.

It’s an A to Z of questions on the subject…..now some will have one answer and some will require more, but they are all connected to Idol Lash and are all the things I could think of using the alphabet.

So let me begin….

A –  Active Ingredients

A good one to start – Idol Lash active ingredients are as follows – Kelp Extract, Honey Extract and Nettle Extract – they also throw in some Chamomile Extract and Alfalfa Extract.

Do I know what any of them are and what any of them do? – No!!

idol lash before after picturesB – Before and After Pictures of Using Idol Lash

Another winner, and as if by magic I have found some! Well in fairness they are from the website but they are before & after pics all the same!

C – Cost

This is covered fully in my comprehensive review – HERE

D – Does It Work?

Yes, it did for me but there are others that have said it doesn’t. Trying is the only sure fire way to find out.

E – Ebay

Yes, I have seen it on Ebay BUT, as mentioned in the review, it is only actually available via the makers and they DO NOT sell it via distributors so if you get it anywhere else apart from direct, then you are likely buying it at a higher price. Or worse, it is fake.

F –  Free Trial for IdolLash?

I have done a post on this already – Free Trial Postit is pretty much exclusive to me I am told – BUT in order to get the trial you enter into an agreement from what I can tell, is to get it shipped to you each month, but you can cancel at any time.

The feedback that I have been getting (see the posts at the bottom of my review) is that this is easy if you are in the USA but maybe harder if you are outside the US. I have updated the post accordingly with all the information & feedback my readers have given me.

My personal ‘gut’ is that you are better off just buying the product ‘normally’. If you like it and it works, buy some more. If not, then that is it & you don’t have any of the aggravation of cancelling anything.

G – Growth Serum or Growth Enhancer

Idol Lash is neither. Its use does however make your eyelashes look like they have grown as they appear fuller and thicker. This is from the build up of the product on your eyelashes and NOT because it is a growth serum, growth enhancer or some sort of growth hormone for that matter!

how to apply idol lashH – How Much or How To Apply

Both easy. How much is covered in my main review (don’t forget the free shipping trick!).

Applying Idol Lash is easy, it is just like a normal mascara. The picture on the left explains exactly how. If I can do it then there are no excuses!

I – Instructions or Ingredients

Done already – See ‘A’ for ‘Active Ingredients’ or H above for ‘How To Apply’

J – Just Cannot Think Of Any Question Beginning With J
K – Kindly Move Onto The Next, There Is No ‘K’ Question
L – Legitrevitol

Yes, it is ‘Legit’ in the same way it is not a scam. Those questions are just from websites trying to get your attention!.

The company that make it have been around for over 15 years & produce a LOT more products that just this eyelash enhancer !!

The brand is called ‘Revitol’. When you get some time click on this banner which will take you to their main site and have a look what they do, they do all sorts but it is all Beauty & Skin stuff, I use a few other things including their ‘Eye Cream’.

M – Make Up / Mascara / Manufacturer

Again, these are easy – Idol Lash is indeed a makeup or sorts I would say. It comes like a mascara and you apply it like a mascara (see H). It is manufactured by a beauty company called Revitol (see above – L).

N – Negative Reviews

Of course, you will find Idol Lash negative reviews. If you look hard enough you will find negative reviews for anything you have ever bought.

Most reviews I see have been good for this popular eyelash enhancer but there are bad ones out there. My personal way of looking at them is with what, we call a ‘pinch of salt’ (what does that really mean?).

You must consider why people are writing them, what sort of people they really are and judge them accordingly. Something like TripAdvisor is a perfect example. If me & my other half took every review we read as the truth, we would never leave our house as every holiday, apartment & hotel would faulty! But this isn’t the case.

You must remember that not everything works for everyone; but you will only know if it does or doesn’t by actually trying it. Remember the Idol Lash Money Back Guarantee. If it doesn’t work, get your money back. Although, if you are a bit lazy like me, if I haven’t spent too much on something I can’t usually be asked to actually make the effort (shame on me!! – but it is true).

O – Order / Official Website / Online

All these basically fit into one. You order it online and you should definitely use the Official WebsiteThat is it, end of discussion. That way you will get the official product at the lowest prices. So if you want to buy Idol Lash UK or buy Idol Lash USA just take the hint & get it from the official idol lash site.

P – Price / Pregnancy / Phone Number

Easy. Idol Lash Price is covered fully in my review.phone number idol lash

Someone did contact me via the website to ask if it was safe to use if pregnant; my first reaction was to say it was, my thoughts were that it was just a form of ‘make-up’ and would be fine. Then somebody contacted me to inform me (thank you!) that the website said it wasn’t suitable for people who were pregnant or indeed ‘nursing’ which I assume they mean breastfeeding. So that is the answer.

Phone numbers is a hot topic on this website and as outlined in ‘F’ above in relation to the free trial of Idol Lash. Go and check out that post (you should see it in the sidebar or click the link above). Those are the numbers I was given when I contacted them directly as people were having issues cancelling the trial etc.

Without wishing to repeat myself too often, I would personally (& do) just buy the product ‘normally’ and not fuss about with the trial.

Q – Queen

Is there a ‘Queen’ of this product? Maybe me? I reckon there are others.

R – Results / Reviews / Reviews Side Effects

Results, as with anything, are varied.Like I said in the main review, I got good results but it took a bit longer than the official website said it would. Let us face it, official websites will always plump for the earliest results as they think all consumers are lazy and want quick results (maybe they have a point).

Reviews of Idol Lash; hopefully you only need one, my one?!

Idol Lash reviews side effects would have been part of my post had I actually had any side effects. The reality is that it is an eyelash enhancer and nothing more. It does not mess with your hormones or affect your metabolism; it just makes your eyelashes look bigger! That is why we buy it or are interested in it.

S – Scam / Side Effects / Stores

Idol Lash Scam? – Nope, it’s real and all this is covered in ‘L‘ for Legit.idol lash scam

Side Effects I have just literally talked about above.

Is it sold in stores? No. It is only available online direct from the makers of Idol Lash. Don’t buy it from eBay or Amazon (in my humble opinion) as you won’t get the best prices and there is a chance that you could end up with a fake product, an old formula or something which has passed its sell by date.

T – Trial / Target

Okay, so I have mentioned the trial on quite a few occasions so am not going to repeat myself. See the links above or on the sidebar.

What does the Idol Mascara target? It targets the eyelashes. Hopefully, nobody has missed that.

U – UK

Where are we going with this? Does Idol Lash ship to the UK? Can you buy Idol Lash UK? or USA?


In fairness asking what Countries Idol Lash ships to is easier to phrase it as, what Counties doesn’t it ship to. It pretty much ships everywhere – USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom (UK, Great Britain) are what you would consider the ‘norm’ but looking at the list it includes all of Europe, Russia, Brazil and the list goes on.

Basically, the places they do not ship to is Mexico & most of Africa e.g. Kenya, Nigeria, Tunisia etc.

Just check the drop down box on the Idol Lash order page and you will see just how accessible this product is.

V – Versus – Such As Idol Lash V’s ‘Others’

I have only just noticed of late that there are a few ‘versus’ posts e.g.

Idol Lash V’s Revitalash
Latisse V’s Idol Lash V’s Rapid Lash

…..and so on.

But they all seem a bit staged, so what I intend to do in the near future is buy some of these products and try and get some of my friends to test them. Let me know if you would be interested in that?

W – Where To Buy / Walmart / Work / Walgreen’s

So where to buy Idol Lash appears again – Direct via the official site.

Does Idol Lash work? – Yes, for myself & quite a few of my friends.

Do Walmart and Walgreen’s stock it or can you buy it in their stores – No. End Of. Just direct via the official website.

Click This Link To Always Buy Idol Lash Direct From The Official Website

X – X-Ray

What else was I going to put?

Y – YouTube

There are hundreds of YouTube Idol Lash videos. So so many !! But there is only 1 that you should be interested in & that is my one!!

Oh boy, I did this so long ago….BUT, in my defence, it is still relevant, has all the info and prices for Idol Lash. It is below & you can also see the post Idol Lash – My Video Review – Don’t Laugh !!!

Z – ZZZZzzzzzz

I think that sums it up! Wow, this has taken ages. I thought doing this Idol Lash A to Z Question & Answers post would take me a few hours & that would be it done! Ha Ha.

How wrong was I, it has taken all day. Anyway, it is done now.

Feel free to let me know if I have missed anything (if you dare!!) and I will endeavour to add it. So until then, this is me signing off & heading for a bottle of wine!

Kathy Taylor