Idol Lash Trial Offer – *EXCLUSIVE*

*** UPDATE *** – 18th July 16 – A few people that have had issues with the trial have emailedme…but I don’t work for Idol Lash so can’t do anything! – sorry! I wish I could.  All I would say to anyone reading this is DON’T buy the trial!! It seems to cause people no end of issues! – Just buy the product as a ‘One-Off’

For those that are having issues, you need to visit their customer support website:



This has all the information you need on it including phone numbers from various Countries…..BUT I can’t find an email address anywhere!! If someone does then please let me know & I’ll post it here to help others!!  20th Jan 2016 – Found it !!! – It is above.



*** UPDATE – 17th July 15 ***  It pains me to say it, but I wouldn’t recommend taking the Trial Offer – Nothing to do with the product! – From some of the feedback I have received, it would appear not too easy to cancel the payment (& let’s face it, that was always the intention!) – So I thought it worth a mention. The offer still exists & is good value, but as they say ‘Buyer Beware’ !

I would still recommend buying Idol Lash but would just buy it ‘normally’ – you can still get FREE Shipping by using the trick that I show in my main review Free Shipping Trick

*** UPDATE – 19th July 15 ***  Makers of Idol Lash replied to me. The numbers to say to use are
From the USA – Toll Free – 1800-756-4120
From other Countries – 818-303-2600 – remember to add the international dialing code – e.g. 001


So here is the ‘Scoop’…

I was contacted by the makers of ‘Idol Lash’ about a week ago & told that I had been selected to be able to offer my readers (AKA You!), to offer an EXCLUSIVE Trial of Idol Lash.

They were kind enough to say they liked my site & gave me a special link that you could use.

The landing pages (i.e. the Sales pages look the same) BUT the links below on this page take you the Idol Lash Trial.

It turns out that you can get hold of the #1 Eyelash Enhancer for just $6 !! (or the equivalent in your Country). Read the T&C’s below though…..

 ***26th March 2015 – MY BREAKING NEWS***


*** NO Other site has this offer – I have been specially chosen! ***

***YOU can now TRIAL Idol Lash for just the price of SHIPPING !!  – JUST $6***

Use this EXCLUSIVE link – I Want To Try Idol Lash for the Cost Of Shipping – JUST $6 !!

Trust me – I couldn’t believe it either! It’s not BS…check the other sites links if you wish – mine is the ONLY one that gives you this ‘Shipping Only Trial for $6’.

So don’t take my word for it that Idol Lash works – Try it effectively for FREE & just pay the Shipping costs of $6 – even that has been discounted !! – TRIAL Link HERE

(NB: Please read the T&C’s – See Below***)promo code idollash bonus

Exclusive Link – Trial Idol Lash For Only $6 – YES PLEASE!


***Trial T&C’s – Like most of these trials you get 16 days to try the product & then they will send you the full product at normal cost unless you cancel the agreement.

The way I see it is that if you were thinking of buying it anyway, you get $40 of Idol Lash for $6 & a delayed payment on your first full purchase – so 2 month’s supply for $46! 


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