Eye Make-Up – Is your look outdated?

eyesSometimes in life we get ‘Stuck in a Rut’ – we just get so used to doing something that we aren’t even aware that we are.

Well this can be the case on all of lifes levels! – & yes, that can include as something as simple as eye make-up! – or all your make up for that matter.

This is something that dawned on me just the other day & I thought I should do a ‘wee post’ about it.

I haven’t changed my routine for years – now this is not to say that you have to – BUT, isn’t it time that you at least make a conscious effort to review what you’re doing? I ended up being pretty happy with what I was doing; but saying that I have implemented a few small tweaks.


Make Sure Your Eyes Are Up To Date/Modern

Everyone has that favorite look they love for their eyes.

You know just how to apply your liner and makeup to give yourself the stylish look that you feel great in. but if you’ve been doing the same thing for years, it may be time to adopt a new look.

You could be pushing people away with an outdated look and letting the attention go to someone who keeps up with the trends.

Be daring and try a new look, like the cats eyes look we have seen from Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence. This can add a little sauciness to your typical look and really make your eyes pop.

Look at what the celebrities and the trendier people around you are trying out and see if their look works for you. With some practice and a little experimentation, you may find a new favorite look.


Use Subtlety to Make Prominent Eyes Look Fantastic

Just because your eyes are the first thing most people see when they look at you, that does not mean they need to be your most prominent feature.eye make up old fashioned?

Some people have large or very prominent eyes, and it becomes distracting during social interactions. If you find that is the case with you, then you can actually do something about it with some makeup.

Abstain from using highlights to tone down your prominent eyes. You should also stay away from heavy eyeliner. Just use medium eye shadow to give your eyes a gentler look.


So just a short article – but hopefully giving you something to think about!

Have a quick ‘stock check’ on your look – you may find that you don’t want to change anything – but at least you will have looked.

Do you need inspiration? – Here is a thread I found on Pinterest of literally hundreds of makeup looks – Pinterest – Makeup Looks