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Eye Make-Up – Is your look outdated?

eyesSometimes in life we get ‘Stuck in a Rut’ – we just get so used to doing something that we aren’t even aware that we are.

Well this can be the case on all of lifes levels! – & yes, that can include as something as simple as eye make-up! – or all your make up for that matter.

This is something that dawned on me just the other day & I thought I should do a ‘wee post’ about it.

I haven’t changed my routine for years – now this is not to say that you have to – BUT, isn’t it time that you at least make a conscious effort to review what you’re doing? I ended up being pretty happy with what I was doing; but saying that I have implemented a few small tweaks.


Make Sure Your Eyes Are Up To Date/Modern

Everyone has that favorite look they love for their eyes.

You know just how to apply your liner and makeup to give yourself the stylish look that you feel great in. but if you’ve been doing the same thing for years, it may be time to adopt a new look.

You could be pushing people away with an outdated look and letting the attention go to someone who keeps up with the trends.

Be daring and try a new look, like the cats eyes look we have seen from Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence. This can add a little sauciness to your typical look and really make your eyes pop.

Look at what the celebrities and the trendier people around you are trying out and see if their look works for you. With some practice and a little experimentation, you may find a new favorite look.


Use Subtlety to Make Prominent Eyes Look Fantastic

Just because your eyes are the first thing most people see when they look at you, that does not mean they need to be your most prominent feature.eye make up old fashioned?

Some people have large or very prominent eyes, and it becomes distracting during social interactions. If you find that is the case with you, then you can actually do something about it with some makeup.

Abstain from using highlights to tone down your prominent eyes. You should also stay away from heavy eyeliner. Just use medium eye shadow to give your eyes a gentler look.


So just a short article – but hopefully giving you something to think about!

Have a quick ‘stock check’ on your look – you may find that you don’t want to change anything – but at least you will have looked.

Do you need inspiration? – Here is a thread I found on Pinterest of literally hundreds of makeup looks – Pinterest – Makeup Looks


Idol Lash – Voucher, Coupon, Promo & Bonus Codes ?

voucher promo discount bonus

*** Update – May 2016 ***  What I have written below still rings true – Idol Lash does operate a ‘More you Buy – More you Save’ system – BUT !!!! See the main review HERE to get Free Shipping AND Buy One Get One Free !!!

Nowadays we all seem to be looking to get some money off everything – we have become a ‘Coupon Society’ ! – & I include myself in this.

So given that I have already purchased Idol Lash, for my own peace of mind & for my readers – I wanted to investigate – Was there any genuine Idol Lash Coupon codes available?

Whenever I want to purchase anything over $50 or more – I will often have a Google search for some sort of coupon or bonus code.

Usually, if ever find something,  it is generally direct with the company that I am purchasing from anyway!! & I would have got it by going to them in the first place.

The other scenario is that there now seems to be a mass of  Voucher sites that ‘flaunt’ a discount in your face about 15% off or free delivery etc – BUT…..& there is always a but – you have to sign up to their mailing list to get the code!! – & 9 times out of 10 – the code then rarely works, exists or it has expired !

Well all this got me thinking about Idol Lash Coupon codes or Idol Lash Bonus offers or indeed Idol Lash Vouchers !!

I was 90% sure I already knew the answer to this question (as I would have looked before I bought) but did some more research & looked at all the various websites/YouTube video’s that claim to be offering an Idol Lash Bonus – or an Idol Lash Coupon code & guess what !?

They do NOT exists.

To be honest – I was quite glad. As there is nothing worse than buying something on one day & only  to find the next day that there is a money off code floating around on the web!!

The makers of  Idollash work on the principle that the:

 “The More You Buy – The More You Save”

So all the website/YouTube video’s you see saying that there is a 30% – 50% discount available are  not doing you a favour! – this is what is on offer anyway!

My main review page you can see all the prices & the discount available & here they are again:

1 Pack – $39.95     – No Saving

2 Packs – $69.95     – 12.5% Saving

4 Packs (3 + 1 Free) – $119.95     – 25% Saving

6 Packs (4 + 2 Free) – $159.95     – 34% Saving

So as you can see – yes discounts for Idol Lash are available – BUT they are available direct from the company & not by anyone else on the internet.

My personal guess & it links with my own experience of buying Idol Lash,  is that most people would go for the 2  packs initially – 1 pack seems too few – it does take a while for it to work fully & you don’t want to be running out before you’ve started!! – 4 or 6 packs seems like too big an investment until you have actually tried it & liked it.

On that front, if you went for 2 packs – it is 25% off & I am pretty happy if I get something like that in my normal grocery shop!

VERDICT:promo code idollash bonus

So, as suspected:

There is no such thing as a Idol Lash Coupon Code
There is no such thing as Idol Lash Promo Code
There is no such thing as a Idol Lash Voucher Code
There is no such thing as a Idol Lash Bonus Code

There is, however, a way to get an Idol Lash Discount & that is by going direct to their website & buying more! Simple & I feel fair.

Official Link to  – ‘Idol Lash’ Official Website



Eye Quick Tips – Starting off right

A new series of ‘Quick Tips’ – This is your 1st one – pretty straightforward & some would say obvious – but we are going back to basics!!


make up eyesQuick Tip #1 – Starting Eye Makeup off Right

When you do your makeup, do you feel like you cannot wait to get to your eyes?

You know they are your best feature, and you love how they look when they are all made up….

……but if you do not start with a proper base, your eyes just aren’t going to look quite right!!

Begin by putting down an even base and consider your skin tone when choosing the right shade. – If you put down a layer of foundation on your eyelids – you can get rid of many of the imperfections that might otherwise show up.

You want people to look at your eyes and notice how beautiful they are. But you don’t want them to look there and see something embarrassing. So take your time, slow down to give yourself a nice foundation and work from there.  The end results will definitely be worth it.

More next tip on this new series!

Thanks for reading.

Idol Lash – My Video Review

idollash, video, reviewWhilst I have been reviewing Idol Lash, I have also been trying to teach myself recording Video’s & putting them on YouTube (as everyone seems to be doing them!!).

So this is my 3rd attempt (the 2 previous were awful!)….it is just a few slides that sum up my review. Don’t laugh!, I know it’s simple….but even Spielberg had to start somewhere!!


Click Here For:  Official Idol Lash Website 



Eye Based Beauty Tips

eye, beauty, tipsHere you go….a little post of various hints & tips I have picked up over the years that you may already know….but some you may not.

Freeze Your Eye Liner

Does your eye liner constantly crumble while putting it on? Our friends at You Beauty recommend leaving it in the freezer for 15 minutes prior to applying your make up. It should glide along your lash line seamlessly after that.


Turn Up The Heat

For curlier, flirty lashes, the experts at You Beauty recommend heating your lash curler with a hair dryer for five to eight seconds before curling them.


Keep Misbehaving Eyebrows In Check

Spritz an old toothbrush or a clean mascara wand with hairspray, then brush brows and style them as desired. Even the most hard to tame brows will fall in line with this trick.


Applying False Eyelashes

Adding extra eye fringe amps up the glam instantly. First, take your falsies and loosen them by gently flexing the eyelash band, then curl your natural lashes to make sure your falsies line up with your actual lash line. Apply glue on your falsies using a Q-tip. Using tweezers (or finger tips if you feel that gives you more control), place your falsies as close to your lash line as possible. Let your lashes dry for a minute before you add a coat of mascara (this is optional).


Uses For Old Mascara Wands

Don’t throw away your old mascara wand, it’s still got a few uses left. Clean it and use it as a brow brush instead. You might even find it handy around the house — use it to unclog sinks or clean tough to reach areas in your home.


Don’t Pump Your Mascara

The experts at Beauty Is My Duty say that you should never pump your mascara (i.e., moving the wand up and down in the tube really quickly) because it will only allow air into the tube which will cause your mascara to dry (and ultimately shorten its lifespan).

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Supercharged Weight Loss – *Updated Apr 14*

weight, loss, fat, system*** Updated 19th April 2014 ***

Sorry everyone! I got a bit excited about all this, as I am sure you can tell if you read below. Every now & again I read or hear something & get completely engrossed.

On this occasion, having tried it & it cost me a lot of money! I would not recommend it……the Green Coffee Max I will carry on taking as I think it is supposed to be good (maybe a review in there..)…..but the other stuff I just can’t justify.

The Digest It Colon Cleanse just made me a bit ‘loose’…..I can eat spicy food to get the same result!

The Yacon Molasses I think was just a waste of money….it just didn’t fill me with any confidence & I just didn’t believe that it would do anything!….

Oh well, sorry folks!…..but felt I should update so you didn’t waste your money!!

*** Updated 19th April 2014 ***


I am quite aware that this is a ‘Beauty’ website but I needed to get this out there…..I have heard quite a few people talk about this….it is a sort of Weight Loss system that involved 2 or 3 products… the 1st warning – It’s Not Cheap to get going!! but from what I have heard it is worth it. I have bitten the bullet & am going to try it….

It is basically a combination of the following:

One of 2 specific Weight Loss Supplements + Detox System/Supplement + 1 Other Weight loss Supplement (optional but may obtain even greater results).

The combination of all 3 can be outstanding if what I have seen on a few forums & Facebook is to be believed…it is linked to the Digest It clearing out your system, both generally & removing your built up toxins that your body can’t naturally get rid of (additives etc) (which can get in the way of various supplements working) & then these 2 supplements have been reported to work significantly better under these conditions…..well, I’ve bought it, it makes sense.

This secret system is as follows….I have gone for the Green Coffee Bean of the 2, not tried either before but I like coffee! (it was that simple, lol):


Garcinia Cambogia                     OR                Green Coffee Bean Max


Digest IT Colon Cleanse

           +  (optional)

Yacon Molasses (optional)

As I have found out, this is not a cheap ‘experiment’ but seems worth the risk. I have outlined the costs for these products for you below so if you do try, you go in with your eyes open.

Garcinia CambogiaOfficial Website
1 Month – $39.95
3 Month (2+1 Free) – $79.95
6 Month (3+3 Free) – $119.95

Green Coffee Bean MaxOfficial Website
1 Month – $39.95
3 Month (2+1 Free) – $79.95
6 Month (3+3 Free) – $119.95

Digest IT – Colon CleanseOfficial Website
1 Bottle – $39.95
2 Bottles – $69.95
4 Bottles (3+1 Free) – $119.85
6 Bottles (3+3 Free) – $159.95

Yacon MolassesOfficial Website
1 Month – $39.95
3 Month (2+1 Free) – $79.95
6 Month (3+3 Free) – $119.95

The essential ones are seen as a winning combination….the optional takes it further still (if reports are to be believed). Good Luck !

4 Top Beauty Articles for Tips

beauty tips

I spend a lot of time on the internet looking at all the new things on the market, top tips for make up & general articles to make me/my life better (or so I think!).

For a while I have been keeping a note of the various articles I have read, enjoyed & found useful with the intention of writing an article about this & giving you the links.

Well here it is!

But first, if you want a quick video hit of top tips, here is a clip I found on YouTube that is STUFFED! with great content & beauty tricks



Article 1 – Budget Beauty

This is from a very good website called ‘TotalBeauty’. They are a wealth of knowledge, articles, reviews & opinions.

One of their articles recently was discussing 10 Best Budget Beauty Tips & looks at various household items that most of us have lying around…that have an alternative use in beauty.

Some of them included the following:

A quick tip for fixing yellow stained nails with Lemon

A mashed potato foot spa!

Honey based bubble bath

Strawberry based acne cure…

Does this tickle your interest? Well follow the link below to read more

Total Beauty – 10 Best Budget Beauty Tip



Article 2 – 50 Best Beauty Tip

Found this article on a Canadian website & it is one of those great 2 or 3 liner lists of tips.

Yes I have no doubt that you will know a lot of them but it’s so easy & quick to read there is little point not skimming through as you know that even if there is only 1 or 2 things you didn’t know it will be worth it!

Ones that I haven’t come across included:

Dab your eyebrows with warm water before using tweezers to pluck them.
This softens the skin & makes it easier to pluck & when you do pluck, do them in the direction they grow.

I knew the 2nd bit but had never thought/done the warm water thing….& it now seems SO obvious.

 Exfoliate your lips  This is for dry, flaky lips before you apply lipstick. Just put lip balm on them 1st & scrub (not too hard) with a toothbrush & wipe away the flakes etc with a tissue.

I never thought of this either! Probably as you don’t associate a toothbrush with your lips! Despite how close to where the proper location for its use is.

Toothpaste & spot zapping – Yes, I have both heard & done the ‘blob’ of toothpaste on a spot at night….what I wasn’t aware of was that it is best to use ‘organic’ toothpaste rather than the usual ‘gel’ type stuff most people have/use. 

So well worth getting one in especially for that reason….& you also have a backup if you do run out of your usual  brand!

Anyway, this is a great article & well worth a scan through to see if you can pick up any handy hints/tips. The link is below.

Huffington Post – 50 Best Beauty Tips



Article 3 – 10 Beauty Tips for Women from Guys

This was another article I stumbled across for a UK website called ‘The Fashion Spot’. As you may have guessed, this caught my attention, as do most things that are what we are looking for (tips etc) but with a bit of an angle.

So I was intrigued. It is not as good as the above articles (in my humble opinion) but worth a read all the same.

Things I picked up from the article included the following:

Put hand sanitizer on your feet & leave for 60 seconds until the alcohol has evaporated. This will help kill of any infection & bacteria on your feet & between your toes, which is great for keeping athletes foot or other conditions at bay.

Put cubes of ice in your mouth to reduce puffiness & dark circles under your eyes….yep, news to me! You push it onto the roof of your mouth & let it melt (not the most pleasant feeling) but hey, if it works, I’ll give it a go!

The link to the post is below:

The Fashion Spot – 10 Best Beauty Tips for women from real guys (and experts)



Article 4 – Counterintuitive Health & Beauty Tips

So this article has a bit of a different slant to it, but that was what intrigued me. It covers some of the things we do/suffer from & gives advice as to how to solve them…..but the solutions are not always what you would have thought!

Some of my hilites & ‘eye openers’ from their list were as follows:

You’ll potentially love this one… order to reduce breakouts of spots…..wait for it!….Eat more chocolate! Yes, read that again, that is what it said. Click the link below to find out the science if you want. I personally skimmed the science & was distracted by the claim!

If you want whiter teeth…..brush less. When you actually read this, it’s not quite the full truth, it links to what food you have had or what you were drinking (e.g. Orange juice), but fairly interesting nonetheless.

The link to the article is below, but a minor word of warning, their website when I was on it was very slow! Might have just been a one off, it’s not a little site by any stretch of the imagination (they have over 400,000 facebook likes!)

Shape – 10 Most Counterintuitive Health & Beauty Tips


Anyway, that is all from me, I hope you enjoyed what you read…..& if you linked to the articles, that they gave you a few tips you did not know. I’ll do this again when I have 3 or 4 more good articles that fit a particular topic.

Thanks for reading.

Want to read more? Check out our post that looks a ‘Getting Longer & Thicker Eyelashes’, it has some great content & includes a video packed with information.


Thinning Eyebrows? – 7 Ways To Combat

There is nothing worse than sparse, thin eyebrows (well, there is, let’s be honest….but this article is about eyebrows!)

Thick and full eyebrows can really help to improve the overall shape and look of your face, while also making you look young and fresh.

Unfortunately, trends of the past could now be working against you.thinning eyebrows

In the past, thin eyebrows were in style so this possibly led you to over wax and pluck your eyebrows. This can make it very difficult for you to grow your eyebrows back in thick again.

If this is you, perhaps you have considered something to fix them but have no idea where to even begin. You may have even resorted to filling in your eyebrows with pencil because you were at a loss for what else to do.

The problem with filling in your eyebrows with a pencil is that this can actually make you look older and worn out.

What you need is to figure out a way to make your eyelashes grow again, but how?


Causes of Eyebrow Thinning

 There are a wide variety of factors that can prevent your eyebrows from growing  long and thick like they used to.

The first and most common cause is over waxing and over plucking.

Second is Genetics, this could be the root of your eyebrow issue & is very little than can be done to prevent it’s effect so you need to focus on how to cover it’s effects

Third could be a thyroid condition, which may require further medical condition. If you have noticed a rapid change in the condition of your eyebrows, you should contact a medical professional so that he can determine if this is the case.


What Can Be Done?

 The good news is that whatever is causing your eyebrows to be thin and sparse, there are a huge variety of treatments available for you.

The hard part can be narrowing down these many treatments and determining which is right for you.

There are pros and cons to each of the treatments for eyebrow enhancement. In order to choose which works the best for you, it is important that you learn as much as you can about each one.

Below are the pros and cons of each of the most common eyebrow treatments.


Combat Method #1: Refrain From Over Waxing and Plucking

This is the easiest one as you effectively do nothing…by stopping the main thing that was probably causing you to be in this position in the first place!

Of course you cannot just let your eyebrows grow wild, but when you are getting your eyebrows waxed be sure to ask the esthetician to give you a full, natural look.

By avoiding over plucking, you can prevent future thinning and hopefully allow eyebrows to grow back to their former thick and full state.


Combat Method #2: All-Natural Remedies

There are some all-natural remedies that you can apply directly to your eyebrows in order to promote faster and thicker growth. These natural remedies work to stimulate the hair follicles, which promotes growth.

One example of an all-natural remedy that can be applied directly to the eyebrow is Vaseline just carefully apply it to your eyebrows.

You can also use certain essential oils in the same way. Experiment with different ones to determine which works best for you.

In a previous review we did for a product called ‘Idol Lash’ (See our Idol Lash Review Here)which is an eyelash enhancer, one of it’s ‘side claims’ was that it worked on eyebrows as well, we didn’t really find any further information in respect of how much etc (follow the link to read our Idol Lash Review). Like I said in the main review, if you have tried this please let me know how you have got on (good & bad) and I will update my review of Idol Lash….I have never had ‘thin eyebrows’ so it would be unfair of me to comment!


Combat Method #3: Eyebrow Growth Serums

Eyebrow growth serums are an ever growing popular method for growing fuller, longer eyebrows. Unlike eyebrow growth pills, this method is topical and you apply the serum directly to the affected area.

eyelash enhancingThe best thing about this method is that there are brands available which only contain all-natural ingredients, so as long as you use the product correctly you do not have to worry about any negative side effects.

It has also been shown to be extremely effective in many cases.

The only real side effect is if you are clumsy enough to accidently get any in your eye!.

You also need to be diligent about applying the serum daily in order to see the best possible results.

Although it is not a serum, it should also be mentioned that some people have reported success from using ‘Hair Loss’ Treatments. There are no end of brands & makes on the market…..some are aimed at just men & just women…some for both

We have started doing a separate article on this already but is taking quite some time as there are so many of them. So if this interests you in anyway, we have outlined some of the better know products with links to their official websites/official stockists so you can research some more yourself!…..good luck & please let us know your thought & we’ll try & incorporate them in our forthcoming article:

Provillus         Minoxidil


Combat Method #4: Lifestyle Adjustments

There are also some diet and lifestyle adjustments that can be made which have the potential to encourage the growth of longer and thicker eyebrows.

In terms of lifestyle adjustments, stress is one factor that can slow hair growth.

While stress can be unavoidable, you can fix this by finding ways to deal with and reduce your stress. This can include anything from physical activity to taking five minutes a day to sit down and read – anything that works to reduce your stress is great. Whilst you are sitting  down you may as well enjoy a nice glass of wine!! that is what I do combat stress…..& I’m sure my eyebrows are better for it!

Stress is a whole ‘can of worry worms’ & can lead to much more than sparse eyebrows! So if you think you are stressed get looking on Google for Blogs & Websites that can give far more info/solutions than my measly ‘exercise/read a book/have some wine’ contribution!


Combat Method #5: Diet Adjustments

When it comes to diet adjustments, one of the easiest ones to make is to consume more fruits and vegetables.

These foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which can encourage growth of all hair on the body (shame we can’t pick & choose!)

Juicing, Steaming & Eating Raw are the ideal way to go, as this works to improve digestion & keeps far  more of the nutrients, vitamins & minerals  intact for you to absorb.


Combat Method #6: Cosmetic Procedures

There are some cosmetic procedures available.

The biggest upside to this method is that the results will be instant and extremely noticeable.

The downside is that these procedures are often extremely pricey and should only really be used as a last resort when nothing else has worked.


Combat Method #7: Eyebrow Growth Pills

There are many brands of these pills on the market to choose from.

This method is generally effective and it does not take too long to see results.

There are a couple of downsides to this method as well.

You have to take the pill regularly in order to maintain the results. Once you stop taking the pill, the results will probably not last.

This therefore can be very expensive in the long run.

There can be painful and uncomfortable side effects. These can include abdominal pain, headaches, and in extreme cases can even change the colour of your eyes by changing the pigmentation. If you experience any side effects while taking eyebrow growth pills, you should discontinue use and contact your doctor immediately.

Thanks for reading.

Since writing this article, I have stumbled across a YouTube clip that I thought you might find useful…it’s a tip as to where your should grow your eyebrows from…it’s simple but very informative!


Want to read more? Take a look at our post about Beauty Tips, taken from 4 really good articles


Discovering The Secrets To Longer, Thicker Eyelashes…..

Thicker Eyelashes

There is nothing worse for the appearance of your eyes than thin, brittle, short eyelashes.

Many factors can prevent your eyelashes from growing long and thick from genetics to using mascara and failing to properly remove it.

No matter what is causing your eyelashes to look thin and brittle, you have probably considered finding a way to improve their appearance. Millions of women across the World have tried countless different methods to improve the look of their eyelashes.

Thick, long eyelashes make you look youthful and really accentuate your eyes, improving the overall appearance of your face.

What you are probably wondering is what method is right for you?

It is important to remember that everyone is different – so a method that works great for one person might not work at all for others.
Before deciding on what method you are going to go with to help your eyelashes to grow long and thick, it is important that you do your research on the different methods available so that you can rest assured that you have chosen the best one for your individual situation.


All-Natural Methods

There are many all natural methods that can be used to make your eyelashes grow longer and thicker. They include things like:

Using a better mascara that does not rip out your eyelashes and cause them to break when you remove it.

Try applying Vaseline to your eyelashes using a washed off mascara brush. Doing this will nourish the hair follicles of your eyelashes, causing them to grow stronger. This will prevent them from becoming brittle, and they will be stronger and less likely to break.

Making some changes to diet is one method that is commonly used to improve eyelash quality. By including more fruits and vegetables in your diet, you can increase the amount of vitamins and minerals that your body is taking in, which makes all hair including eyelashes grow more quickly.

The good thing about these all natural methods is that you are not going to experience any of the negative side effects associated with other methods. The downside is that the results from these methods will be quite minor, so if you are looking for big improvements you will need to use a more effective method.

Here is a YouTube video packed with natural tips to getting longer eyelashes….some good stuff in there:


‘Non-Natural’  Forms of Treatment

More extreme forms of treatment are also available to improve the length and thickness of your eyelashes.

There are 3 different types of treatment specifically designed for this:

Topical Solutions – Those applied directly to the area. 

Those that are consumed orally.

Actual Eyelash Extensions.

The good thing about these treatments is that they will help you to obtain quick and noticeable results. The downside to more extreme forms of treatment is that they do have some negative side effects associated with them.

Topical eyelash treatments do not come at a risk of any severe side effect…but they may cause eyes to become irritated, itchy, or dry.

Orally consumed eyelash treatments can cause more severe side effects. They can change the pigmentation in your eyes, which can actually turn blue or green eyes blue. They can also potentially cause rashes, nausea, and in some rare cases serious stomach conditions.

More extreme treatment is to get eyelash extensions. The good thing about this method is that the results will be obvious and instantaneous, but there are also some downsides. The first is that a procedure like this is extremely expensive. The second is that these results will not be permanent.


Choosing the Method that is Right for You

To choose the method that is right for you, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration.

The first thing that you should consider is the severity of your condition.

If your eyelashes are extremely thin to the point that they are almost non-existent, you will probably need to seek a more extreme form of treatment such those which are applied directly to the eyelashes in order to really see noticeable results.

If, however, you are just looking to make your eyelashes slightly longer and thicker you will probably be fine with all natural treatment methods.

You should also take price into consideration. Set a budget on how much you are willing to spend on better eyelashes and stick with it.

While topical treatments are relatively affordable, some more extreme treatments such as eyelash extensions can be extremely pricey. You should also take side effects into consideration.

Each of these treatments has its own set of potential side effects, some more extreme than others. You need to ask yourself what level of side effects that you are willing to risk to attain longer, thicker lashes.

thicker, fuller eyelashes

Want To Take This Further?

One of the products that fall into the ‘Topical’ solution is a product called Idol Lash……we know this as we have reviewed it in a previous article & we are currently in the process of reviewing another similar product (more news to follow in further posts).

If you want to read more & be taken to the article please click the link – .

If you are past the whole ‘Will I, Won’t I?’ & want it, please click on the following link we have found to make sure you get the most from your order:  Official Idol Lash Website  as this will take you direct to their official website & the best ‘Deal’ we were able to find on the web (there’s nothing worse than buying…..& then finding elsewhere that you could have got more!!)

What to read about Idol Lash before you buy? – Read Our Review HERE

Thanks for reading.