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I spend a lot of time on the internet looking at all the new things on the market, top tips for make up & general articles to make me/my life better (or so I think!).

For a while I have been keeping a note of the various articles I have read, enjoyed & found useful with the intention of writing an article about this & giving you the links.

Well here it is!

But first, if you want a quick video hit of top tips, here is a clip I found on YouTube that is STUFFED! with great content & beauty tricks



Article 1 – Budget Beauty

This is from a very good website called ‘TotalBeauty’. They are a wealth of knowledge, articles, reviews & opinions.

One of their articles recently was discussing 10 Best Budget Beauty Tips & looks at various household items that most of us have lying around…that have an alternative use in beauty.

Some of them included the following:

A quick tip for fixing yellow stained nails with Lemon

A mashed potato foot spa!

Honey based bubble bath

Strawberry based acne cure…

Does this tickle your interest? Well follow the link below to read more

Total Beauty – 10 Best Budget Beauty Tip



Article 2 – 50 Best Beauty Tip

Found this article on a Canadian website & it is one of those great 2 or 3 liner lists of tips.

Yes I have no doubt that you will know a lot of them but it’s so easy & quick to read there is little point not skimming through as you know that even if there is only 1 or 2 things you didn’t know it will be worth it!

Ones that I haven’t come across included:

Dab your eyebrows with warm water before using tweezers to pluck them.
This softens the skin & makes it easier to pluck & when you do pluck, do them in the direction they grow.

I knew the 2nd bit but had never thought/done the warm water thing….& it now seems SO obvious.

 Exfoliate your lips  This is for dry, flaky lips before you apply lipstick. Just put lip balm on them 1st & scrub (not too hard) with a toothbrush & wipe away the flakes etc with a tissue.

I never thought of this either! Probably as you don’t associate a toothbrush with your lips! Despite how close to where the proper location for its use is.

Toothpaste & spot zapping – Yes, I have both heard & done the ‘blob’ of toothpaste on a spot at night….what I wasn’t aware of was that it is best to use ‘organic’ toothpaste rather than the usual ‘gel’ type stuff most people have/use. 

So well worth getting one in especially for that reason….& you also have a backup if you do run out of your usual  brand!

Anyway, this is a great article & well worth a scan through to see if you can pick up any handy hints/tips. The link is below.

Huffington Post – 50 Best Beauty Tips



Article 3 – 10 Beauty Tips for Women from Guys

This was another article I stumbled across for a UK website called ‘The Fashion Spot’. As you may have guessed, this caught my attention, as do most things that are what we are looking for (tips etc) but with a bit of an angle.

So I was intrigued. It is not as good as the above articles (in my humble opinion) but worth a read all the same.

Things I picked up from the article included the following:

Put hand sanitizer on your feet & leave for 60 seconds until the alcohol has evaporated. This will help kill of any infection & bacteria on your feet & between your toes, which is great for keeping athletes foot or other conditions at bay.

Put cubes of ice in your mouth to reduce puffiness & dark circles under your eyes….yep, news to me! You push it onto the roof of your mouth & let it melt (not the most pleasant feeling) but hey, if it works, I’ll give it a go!

The link to the post is below:

The Fashion Spot – 10 Best Beauty Tips for women from real guys (and experts)



Article 4 – Counterintuitive Health & Beauty Tips

So this article has a bit of a different slant to it, but that was what intrigued me. It covers some of the things we do/suffer from & gives advice as to how to solve them…..but the solutions are not always what you would have thought!

Some of my hilites & ‘eye openers’ from their list were as follows:

You’ll potentially love this one…..in order to reduce breakouts of spots…..wait for it!….Eat more chocolate! Yes, read that again, that is what it said. Click the link below to find out the science if you want. I personally skimmed the science & was distracted by the claim!

If you want whiter teeth…..brush less. When you actually read this, it’s not quite the full truth, it links to what food you have had or what you were drinking (e.g. Orange juice), but fairly interesting nonetheless.

The link to the article is below, but a minor word of warning, their website when I was on it was very slow! Might have just been a one off, it’s not a little site by any stretch of the imagination (they have over 400,000 facebook likes!)

Shape – 10 Most Counterintuitive Health & Beauty Tips


Anyway, that is all from me, I hope you enjoyed what you read…..& if you linked to the articles, that they gave you a few tips you did not know. I’ll do this again when I have 3 or 4 more good articles that fit a particular topic.

Thanks for reading.

Want to read more? Check out our post that looks a ‘Getting Longer & Thicker Eyelashes’, it has some great content & includes a video packed with information.


Younger Looking Eyes
4 Top Beauty Articles for Tips
9 Tips For Younger Looking Eyes
4 Top Beauty Articles for Tips
9 quick tips to help you obtain younger looking eyes
An article looking at 4 different articles I have found that look at general beauty tips. Maybe there is a least one in the list that you didn't know?
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