Monthly Archive: May 2014

Eye Quick Tips – Starting off right

A new series of ‘Quick Tips’ – This is your 1st one – pretty straightforward & some would say obvious – but we are going back to basics!!


make up eyesQuick Tip #1 – Starting Eye Makeup off Right

When you do your makeup, do you feel like you cannot wait to get to your eyes?

You know they are your best feature, and you love how they look when they are all made up….

……but if you do not start with a proper base, your eyes just aren’t going to look quite right!!

Begin by putting down an even base and consider your skin tone when choosing the right shade. – If you put down a layer of foundation on your eyelids – you can get rid of many of the imperfections that might otherwise show up.

You want people to look at your eyes and notice how beautiful they are. But you don’t want them to look there and see something embarrassing. So take your time, slow down to give yourself a nice foundation and work from there.  The end results will definitely be worth it.

More next tip on this new series!

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