Idol Lash – Enhances Eyelashes? – My Review

by Kathy Taylor on December 7, 2013

Idol Lash: Would I Get Celebrity Results?


Idol Lash

The Official Idol Lash Website



My Review & Thoughts:

Everybody wants to feel confident…..& I am no different to others.

This confidence comes in a whole host of forms & one of the most important ones for us women, is our eyes! After all, aren’t they the “the windows to your soul”…

So with ‘eye confidence’ in mind, this is what the makers of Idol Lash were thinking when they developed this products (to be honest that is just my take on it!). So, from the outset, I wanted to find out more, to see if it was the ‘Real Deal’.

So I bought it & this is my honest review:

Idollash pack


 What is Idol Lash?

Idol Lash positions itself as an ‘eyelash enhancer’.

  • “Something that makes eye lashes  – Longer, Thicker, Darker & Fuller”

All this in a matter of weeks (2 to 4 weeks to be exact) according to the claims.


What Does It Cost?

I’ve put this high up in the review, as like you, I hate getting all hyped up about something new….only then to find out that you have to give up various details in order to get to the prices!!

This is one of those sites….so when I ordered it I took a note of all the pricing options. I personally went for the 2 pack option.

1 Pack – $39.95

2 Packs – $69.95

4 Packs (3 + 1 Free) – $119.95

6 Packs (4 + 2 Free) – $159.95

They ship the product Worldwide. Shipping is an additional cost & is about $8 (or ‘rush delivery’ is approx $15). I assume it depends on the size of the order/pack size & where it is getting shipped to.


What do they Claim?

The Co says that in 2-4 weeks of continual use that Idol Lash was clinically proven to increase eyelash density by up to 82%! & up to 25% increase in eye lash length.

Now that does seem a lot…. the study was based on 15 subjects…..and they were ranging in age of 24 yrs to 82 yrs! So they would say it would work for anyone!

They claim Idol Lash is very safe, even to those with sensitive eyes. It also says that Idol Lash works on thinning eyebrows to; but I could not find any further information as to what extent or what proof & I can’t comment on this really as I don’t ‘suffer’ from this issue…..but if you do & end up trying it, please get in touch with your results (good or bad) so I can update this review for others.


What is in Idol Lash?

Yep….the usual stuff. ‘Polypep Made Up Vitamins’…..’B49 Beta Pro Serum’… know, the usual rubbish these Co’s make up so we are ‘WOW’ed’ & have to purchase it. It’s what it does we are interested in…..not what’s in it!

Idol Lash is Safe. Even for Sensitive eyes…..that is really all that matters in our book.


What to real people have to say about Idol Lash?

Well there are the usual quotes that these Co’s trawl out. While I am sure they are all ‘genuine’ & they could back them up in court, I am never that convinced & always do my own research.

I like to look at the likes of Amazon, Revoo etc where the real people have had their say. The following are 2 that I found recently & that seemed pretty genuine in their review of Idol Lash. I do always wonder why people buy these type of products from the likes of Amazon, as Idol Lash is sold direct so anybody selling on Amazon will be ‘adding their bit’…..if you want it, get it direct is my advice!

All the links etc on my site will take you direct to their website so you get the genuine article & at the cheapest prices.



Can Idol Lash Work For You?


I would/should write more…but it does. I have now tried it & it does work. I also know others (my friends basically that I have mentioned this to) that have tried it & they have all gotten results….not universally all excellent, but enough to warrant giving it a go & see for yourself.

The one thing we all noticed is that the longer you use it, the better the results….2-4 weeks you do indeed see results, but for noticeable results 5-6 weeks is the reality.

The product has been around for years which is also a good sign that it does work & isn’t a ‘flash in the pan’. This was one of the main factors for me picking it, I have seen it about for ages & finally felt I ‘had to jump in’ !


Are There Any Side Effects Or Warnings?

Not Really.

This isn’t some hormone treatment or an experimental medical procedure. It’s an eyelash enhancer! They say it is 100% safe even for those with sensitive eyes…& I can confirm that I have no issues using it.




This does work.

There are definitely differences with the results that some people see, but that is the same with most things in life. The longer you use it, the better the results…like I said above, 5-6 weeks will give you very noticeable results (rather than the 2-4 weeks they quote, but it does effectively ‘work’ straight away).review_idol_lash

Whenever I am looking to buy a new product, I’ll usually check websites like this one to see what the general feeling is about it, rather than going direct to the Co to get their over hyped sales pitch! …..which is why I am guessing you are reading this.

Other advice for you – get the genuine product (doh!) & get it direct rather than ‘middleman’ websites. All the links on this page will take you straight to their website. This way the 2 bit of advice are covered & you are guaranteed the lowest prices.

I hope my review has helped in some way & thanks for reading!!

Official Idol Lash Website 



  *Further Useful Information* 

The ‘IDOL’ brand have some other products available that you maybe interested in…I haven’t tried them myself (yet!), but you may be interested in finding out more:

IDOL LIPS - Same principle as Idol Lash but for your lips – More Information HERE

IDOL TAN - Yep, you guessed it…a self tanning product/system that prides itself on the ‘non orange’ results – More Info HERE

On a side note, I recently invested in a Kindle….I love it!! & have been looking at various ‘books’ on it about Beauty…there are loads & they are SO cheap! Some are even free. So please check out my Kindle Beauty Post & see which ones may inspire you or give you tips that you are looking for.

And something that I didn’t realise until recently… DON’T actually need a Kindle to read them! There is both Mac & PC software to let you read them on your computer; there is also a Kindle App for Apple & Android Phones – Read my Post HERE



Want to read more? Take a look at our article about Thinning Eyebrows - Click Here -, or even our article about Beauty Tips.


Further References you may find of interest:

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